The Order of Naucratius

A dumpster full of fish discarded after a tournament was a lightbulb moment for two seminarians who dreamed up a way for hunters and anglers to share their abundance with hungry people in their communities. Six years ago, their dream became a reality when The Order of Naucratius West Michigan was created. It is now recognized as a Diocese of Western Michigan Cooperating Ministry.  The Order of Naucratius connects with hunters and anglers who donate protein, primarily fish and
venison, through the Order to food pantries and feeding programs to help fill in the gaps for the many food-insecure people in our community. Hundreds of pounds of protein have been provided to local families, including through our own Baby Pantry, one of the Order’s official partners.

Naucratius was a Saint who lived in what is now Turkey during the 4th century. He was a scholar and theologian who hunted, fished, and fed a community of elderly people who could not procure enough protein to stay healthy. In honor of its namesake, the Order is committed to three rules of life: Prayer, Conservation, and Charity. Participants in Naucratius events are encouraged to consider intention behind their harvest and always to remember to give thanks for its abundance.

Find out how to help and learn more about Order of Naucratius events at the Naucratius website or Facebook page.

If you need to request protein, please go to our Baby Pantry page.