We’re glad you’re here. Find our group on Facebook or contact us at benzielgbtq@gmail.com.

The Benzie Area Pride Network was founded in early 2023. We are friends, families, partners, and allies opening our hearts to all LGBTQIA+ people in and around Benzie County, ensuring their safety and wellbeing, and giving them the love, support, compassion, and acceptance they deserve in order to be their authentic selves. More than 50 people attended our founding meeting and collaboratively identified our three focus areas: Visibility, Education, and Community.

While the Pride Network is a mission of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Beulah, we recognize that many in the LGBTQIA+ community have been hurt and rejected by churches. The Network itself is not a religious organization and our events are not typically faith-oriented. Our activities are in support of all of Benzie County’s LGBTQIA+ community, friends, and allies, regardless of faith.

Events: 2024

Please join us at one of our events! Details are posted in our Facebook group.

  • June 9: Betsie Bay Furniture house concert fundraiser for the Pride Network
  • June 15: Polestar resource fair event
  • June 19: Celebrate Pride! dinner
  • July 4: Parades in Beulah & Frankfort, picnic lunch in between
  • July 21: Canoe/kayak trip
  • July 28: Canoe/kayak trip (rain date if needed)
  • August 18:  Beach day
  • August 25:  Beach day (rain date if needed)
  • September 15: League of Women Voters and potluck: issues of concern to LGBTQIA+ voters, voter registration, absentee ballot how-to
  • October, date TBD: Planning for Festival of Trees
  • October 13: Fall hike
  • Nov. 5: Rides to polling places
  • Nov., date TBD: Ornament making for Festival of Trees
  • Dec. 8: No-stress holiday party

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Advocacy, equity, and education organizations: 

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We’re glad you’re here. Find our group on Facebook or contact us at benzielgbtq@gmail.com.