At St. Philip’s we view our spiritual formation as not only life-long but year-round! As a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, we have access to an incredible opportunity for year-round spiritual formation, summer missions, and camp!


Missions are times to get outside of your normal comfort zone and “walk in someone else’s shoes” in a different context. These pilgrimages serve as intentional times to get to know other people who live much differently than we may. It’s a time to help our neighbors in other parts of the country or world, and expand our empathy for the human condition, which is not always the most “Just” experience for all. Be sure to sign up for our parish communications or contact us, to learn more!

Through Local Efforts

St. Philip’s is very active in and about the community with various efforts at making the world a better place. A few of our bright-spots in our parish is the relationships we are building with our neighbors through the Benzie Baby Pantry and local elementary schools through the Reading Camp program. Youth are invited to participate in the Baby Pantry as “helpers” and as “junior counselors” in this beautiful literacy program that promotes access to life-long health and creativity! Again, please contact us if you are interested in learning more!

Through The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan

Our diocese offers local missions as well as out-of-state and international. See the page “Mission, Ministries, and Social Justice” to learn more. Be sure to talk to one of our priests if you are feeling interested in any of the offerings.


Our diocese offers a wonderful week-long experience for children entering 3rd grade through seniors in high school. Camp is a place where kids and youth can explore their faith, make new friends, and basque in the truth that God takes delight in them! We encourage all children and youth to participate in this adventure. Scholarships are available, through our parish, deanery, and the diocese!