Families With Kids

At St. Philip’s Episcopal Church we consider the presence of families with children and youth a blessing. We can also appreciate that raising children to be good humans is a big responsibility! As a community, we are committed to walking with you and discovering ways in which we can help create spaces to nurture the spiritual, biblical, and liturgical literacy in your family; On Sundays, Throughout the Year, during the Summertime, through Connecting with other parents, and providing resources we have found helpful along the way. If you ever have questions about St. Philip’s and our approach to Spiritual Formation for the Family, please contact us!


As the Body of Christ gathers at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, on Sunday, we know that children have a special connection with the Holy. We desire to nurture and learn from that love of God, Creation, and others through relationship.

We have Sunday services at 10:00 am. We truly invite your whole family to lift their voices (and coos and cries and giggles) with all of God’s children. If it would be helpful to you and the formation of your family, however, we do have different options for different age groups.


While we do, as a community, digest Christian sacred texts every Sunday, we know this isn’t always “kid friendly”. Often times the stories of scripture make a baseline assumption that we know what it was based upon. Many of us do not. For that reason, we offer many opportunities for children, youth, and families to ask those questions. Mthr. Jodi and Fr. Christian are available for conversation, we have wonderful resources for discussing biblical texts with our kiddos at home, and encourage connections with other members of various ages and demographics to help shape the biblical worldview our children move through the world with. Check out “On Sundays” for more information.


As Episcopalians, the liturgy, or what we do when we come together on Sundays and other times to “worship and pray”, is one of the most formational aspects of our common life. By showing up and being present with the community, the words, prayers, songs, and movements become a natural extension of our daily lives. Because these rites are ancient, they have a mystery built into them that transcends time and space and a depth and breadth and aids our efforts, as a body, to re-member us with the Body of Christ through the ages. For those reasons and much more, we highly encourage families to be together for as much of the liturgy as is best for their situation. We don’t mind the wiggles, we welcome the questions. In fact, we are honored by your presence, you are a sign of the Holy Spirit living and moving in and through and with us!We have what we call, “pew surfing” with our young ones. You’ll notice when you worship with us, that some of our children sit with other adults in the community who have also committed to helping you raise your children in the ways of the Lord. There is a portion in the Baptismal Liturgy, after all of the candidates have been presented, where the congregation is asked,

Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ?

To which the people respond, “WE WILL!”



At St. Philip’s, we understand the demands of family life, and we are here to support you. Studies have revealed that the most formative, that is “long lasting” spirituality, happens best in the home. So, we have some resources to help empower you to create sacred spaces at home or to help build upon what you are already doing. We also encourage the development of relationships with others in our community because we truly strive to be a multi-generational community of the Jesus Movement. Our priests have a lifetime of experience in working with children, youth and their families. They welcome the chance to get to know you and your family and listen to what you sense the ways in which God is inviting you and your family to connect and grow deeper in your walk with God and with us. Most of all we know there is no “rule book” for this thing called parenting! But grace is in it, if we are willing to be who we want our children to become.

Resources on Parenting

Ever feel overwhelmed in this crazy thing called parenting? Have you ever felt like you mess up as a parent? Guess what? We all do! But Check out this session on the Gifts of Imperfect Parenting by our favorite Episcopal Author, Brené Brown.