Our Vestry

Our Vestry is the primary leadership board of our parish who oversee the finances, programs, spiritual health, and planning for our common life. It consists of nine members of the parish who are elected by Annual Meeting to serve a three-year term. Each year at our Annual Meeting, three members rotate off and three more are elected by the body. The Co-Rectors take turns (every other year) chairing the Vestry and there are two wardens elected by the Vestry at the special meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting. Qualifications for who is eligible can be found in our Parish By-Laws.

Current Vestry Members


Judy Macey, Sr. Warden 


Matt Koenig, Jr. Warden 


Karen Yager


Alice Matteson


Preston Dilts


Maggie Duncan


Barbara J. Kelly


Carol Vaughan


Patricia Compton


Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)

Mthr. Jodi Baron, Co-Rector and Presider


Fr. Christian Baron, Co-Rector


Cindy Niswonger, Treasurer


Carol Codden, Clerk