Drawing of St. Philip's Episcopal Church-Beulah

On January 22, 1957, the congregation of St. Philip’s was formally recognized as a Mission Church of the Diocese of Western Michigan at its 83rd Diocesan Convention, held in Grand Rapids. “As you will perhaps understand, this is a source of much satisfaction to those permanent residents who have labored so long for this goal; however, as a mission we likewise realize that it is our responsibility to offer our services to those of you who live with us for a period during the summer months. To members of the Body of Christ, coprarte worship is vital to wholeness, meaning and purpose of our very existence.” (excerpt from A History of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Harold L. Comer, 2007)

Through the years we have averaged between 50-100 persons on a Sunday. We have had the benefit of many priests and deacons who have served as our clergy; collecting and sending us out to love and serve the world. Those persons include:

  • The Rev. A Baylies Tilden, Vicar 1957-1962
  • The Rev. John Evans, Vicar 1962-1966
  • The Rev. William Lipscomb, Vicar 1966-1969
  • The Rev. Stephen Winsett, Vicar and 1st Rector 1969-1974
  • The Rev. Vicor Lovett, Deacon then Assisting Priest 1973-1993
  • The Rev. Ian Schlotterbeck, Rector 1974-1986
  • The Rev. Paul Norman, exchange Priest 1981
  • The Rev. George DeGraff, Assisting Priest 1985-1999
  • The Rev. Damian Dollahite, Rector 1987-1995
  • The Rev. Marilou Schlotterbeck, Deacon 1994-
  • The Rev. Wally Draeger, Interim Priest 1995-1998
  • The Rev. Harold “Skip” Comer 1998-2015
  • The Rev. Richard C. Sauerzopf, Priest-in-charge 2015-2016
  • The Rev. Christian & The Rev. Jodi Baron, Co-Rectors 2016


“With a past to build on, we look to the future to continue to witness and reach out in Christ’s name (History, page 70).”