Vestry Job Description

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church-Beulah

Vestry Job Description

All vestry members should strive to the best of their abilities to:

  • Have a love of God and demonstrate a commitment to following the way of Christ;
  • Be active in and knowledgeable about the congregation, its programs, and governance;
  • Be fair, interact well with people and strive to earn the respect of the members of the congregation;
  • Purposefully strive to “check one’s ego at the door;”
  • Purposefully strive to be a servant of the people without the need to be the “most important person” in the congregation or the need to be the one with the right answers to everything;
  • Have enthusiasm and vitality for this ministry.

All vestry members should be able to make the following time commitments:

  • Vestry meetings, committee work;
  • Vestry retreat(s);
  • Weekly worship services (rotating occasionally if more than one);
  • Congregational events: coffee hours, meals, fundraisers, adult education programs, etc.;
  • Diocesan meetings, as necessary; Bishop’s Workshops, etc.
  • Annual meeting.

All vestry members are responsible for:

  • Offering talents to support the congregation’s ministry;
  • Discern an area of ministry/committee to be a liaison between that ministry/committee and the Vestry;
  • Praying daily for the rectors, deacon, leaders and members of the congregation;
  • Pledging financial support early in the stewardship campaign;
  • Being active ministers of the Gospel in daily life and work;
  • Bringing one’s whole self to the table; being present – mind, body, and spirit;
  • Risking openness with one’s ideas, beliefs, and desires.

Episcopal Church canons stipulate the vestry shall:

Embrace the presence of God in our lives, and share the riches of His grace.