December 3-December 11

This Week at St. Philip’s: December 3-December 11

During Advent, our Coffee and Conversation group are reading Being Christian, by Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. For this Sunday, please read Chapter 2: “The Bible.” Discussion questions are near the end of this page (below) and can also be found in our online discussion forum (get in touch with Barbara J. Kelly if you would like to be added to the online conversation).

This Week’s Readings

Isaiah 11:1-10

Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

Romans 15:4-13

Matthew 3:1-12

SATURDAY, December 3

10:00am Baby Pantry is Open

SUNDAY, December 4

9:00am Coffee and Conversation

10:00am The Holy Eucharist

11:30am Coffee Hour

6:30pm Community Chorus

Serving 2 ADVENT

Greeters Sharon Blizzard and Suzanne Kraus

Lectors Preston Dilts and Don Schaffer

Acolytes Team B

Chalice Wes Blizzard and Barbara Bleyaert

Ushers Marci and Blake Brooks

Altar Guild Keri McCumber

Child Care Don and Wylie Schaffer


TUESDAY, December 6

12:00pm Men’s Club at Papa J’s, Honor

5:00pm WRC Support Group


WEDNESDAY, December 7

12:00pm Lunch Bunch meets at Ursa Major, Beulah


THURSDAY, December 8

7:00pm Celebration of New Ministry (Installation of The Rectors Baron)

7:00pm AA (location moved)


SUNDAY, December 11

9:00am Coffee and Conversation

10:00am The Holy Eucharist

11:30am Coffee Hour

Serving 3 ADVENT

Greeters Debbie and Mike Clark

Lectors Barb Kelly and Dorothy McDougall

Acolytes Team C

Chalice Mike Monahan and Zane Brooks

Ushers Gary Michalek and Paul Michalek

Altar Guild Leslie Gilbert

Child Care Alice Matteson

Your prayers are asked for: Bob, Blanche, Bob, Ken, and Pat.

Advent Book Discussion Rowan Williams’ “Being Christian”

Week 2/December 4, 2016

Welcome to St Philip’s Advent Discussion! For the second Sunday of Advent please read Chapter 2, “The Bible,” in Being Christian, by Rowan Williams. The discussion prompts for this week are:

  • What was new or surprising in this chapter about the Bible?What made you feel uncomfortable of didn’t make sense?
  • What made you feel uncomfortable of didn’t make sense?
  • How has reading this chapter changed how you approach, understand and read the Bible?

Williams states that “the Bible communicates what God wants to tell us…all of this is addressed by God to us…this is what God wants you to hear.” Slowly and prayerfully read the Gospel for this Sunday, Dec. 4: Matthew 3:1-12 three or four times, asking “Who am I in this story?”

Based on your reading of the chapter, what are your thoughts about this:

  • During the times of slavery in our country, the Bible was used by those who justified the practice of having slaves as well as those who fought for the abolition of slavery.
  • How could the same book have been used to justify both positions?